The Five Best Studying Apps for Students

For most students, studying is the key to performing well, but it doesn’t come easy. Many struggle with it, and simply reading to memorize has less than stellar results for most. The good news is that we live in age of advanced technology, and we carry sophisticated devices on our persons. In other words, there’s no longer a need to settle for simple and ineffective, and with that in mind, we present to you the top five apps for better studying that can be used with your smartphone or tablet.

Study BuddyAs studiers, the greatest challenge we face is effective use of our time. This is where Study Buddy can help. This app is essentially a study coach. It lets you track study sessions, study time and wasted time, and the user is even able to associate this data with their graded performance in the classroom. Study Buddy also includes tips and techniques for studying and motivation.

Another crucial aspect of effective studying is consistency. It’s not good enough to cram the night before a big test. A strong studier is a person who performs their homework, reading and studying assignments on a regular basis. An app like myHomework can great simplify that process. It tracks classes and assignments, and it helps you to schedule studying in small manageable bits rather than as large, seemingly insurmountable events.

FlashCards are a tried and true testing tool, although often underused due to a lack of convenience. Modern technology is changing that, however. It’s no longer necessary to carry around a large stack of rubber-banded index cards. FlashCards Plus Pro lets you create and edit flashcards on the fly, and the parent website has thousands of premade sets for common subjects. The app even has a “Space Repetition” mode that adjusts to your knowledge in real time in order to focus on your weaknesses.

Evernote is a free all-purpose note-taking application that supports text, images and even voice recording. It also supports both structured and organic approaches to note taking. Using Evernote, students can maintain individual notebooks for each class, and each notebook can have sub-notebooks for different topics and projects. In addition, Evernote is cloud-based, so you can automatically access notes from your desktop computer or any other internet-connected device.

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine. In fact, it’s what Siri uses to answer your queries. Originally, its purpose was to make calculations, but it has since evolved, and it can now compute answers from almost any structured data. For students, Wolfram Alpha is an invaluable resource, and it can often answer questions, or point to the right answer, much faster than it would take to look up.

Effective studying isn’t magic; it simply requires a structured and consistent approach. Likewise, these apps aren’t panaceas for studying woes. The apps won’t do the work for you. They can, however, provide you with the tools needed to succeed. Be consistent with your studying. Make it a ritual. More importantly, note what works for you and what doesn’t, and tailor your approach accordingly.

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