REVIEW: The Rug Doctor is the Best Carpet Cleaner for your Home

Rug Doctor Carpet cleanerWhen it comes to efficiently cleaning your home, there are many household tools that we can utilize. One of the main ones is perhaps the vacuum cleaner in all sorts of designs. However, we know very well how ineffective these are for deep-cleaning the carpet. Usually, the normal recommendation when it comes to using a carpet cleaner involves contacting a professional service or renting a machine and returning it when you’re done with it. You can usually rent a machine a couple of times a year or every few months in order to maintain your home in the best manner.

I personally think that this is completely the wrong way to go about it and I do think that the times are changing now. In the past, a typical commercial carpet cleaning machine used to be bulky, expensive and looked like something that belonged to a factory or an office. However, the best carpet cleaner machine should be affordable for most people and trust me, it should be fantastic in every way. So, if you or any of your family members gets a lot of allergies during the summertime, think about whether a dirty carpet is causing these allergies. The reality is that even though it might seem clean at the top, there are lots of particles stuck deep inside the carpet.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner MachineThe best carpet cleaner that I have used is the Rug Doctor and I chose this after I was introduced to it by a family friend. It had this powerhouse design that was so unique and it seemed to perform very well so I thought I would be better off buying it rather than renting it. That’s the reason for this post and I’ll be talking a bit more about the Rug Doctor a bit later. But, I certainly think that buying a carpet cleaner will be a lot better in terms of cost effectiveness in addition to the convenience of having this machine in your home at all times. This would mean that you could literally use it whenever you needed it. On top of that, the prices are a lot lower than they used to be because you got some big name brands like Bissell making carpet cleaner machines for a lot more affordable prices. The best part about this is that some of these are absolutely brilliant when it comes to the features and the efficiency of cleaning.

The Rug Doctor machine definitely falls into this area because it is a well-known name that has a permanent place within the carpet cleaning industry. The company makes a lot of top-notch carpet cleaning equipment and this particular machine is probably their most popular product. In general, they are known for making high quality products that perform well in every possible area and this is true for this particular product when you read carpet cleaner reviews on the Internet.

One thing I would say that stands out about this machine is that it is extremely durable and simple to use. As soon as you open up the packaging, you will notice that the machine is ready to use and it has been created to make every step of carpet cleaning as easy as possible. Even though it may seem a bit bulky, the machine is actually extremely easy to move around. Some of the features that stood out to me include a water tank that is clear so you can see when it needs to be filled up and a cap to measure the amount of soap to put in.

Big Green MachineWhen it comes to the actual cleaning process, the performance is of extremely high quality. In my opinion, this is probably the best carpet cleaner around the market and only Bissell The Big Green Machine can compare to it. The power of the suction is pretty amazing and it’ll suck all that dirt that is hidden deep inside the fibers of the carpet and wash it pretty well. From my experience of carrying out this process regularly, the carpet is feeling extremely fresh. I have a dog at home and he does tend to make a bit of a mess on the carpet but I have found that this carpet cleaner removes the toughest of stains. No wonder it’s received so many near-perfect reviews from other users.

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