Altec Lansing FX6021 2.1 Speaker System Review

The Altec Lansing FX6021 is a great sounding set of 2.1 speakers with style in mind. Is the sound and style enough to justify the high price tag?

Music is a huge part of our lives right? Yeah. The best way to enjoy music even more is to listen to it through a great sounding set of speakers, the Altec Lansing FX6021 allow you to do just that.

Reviewing a set of speakers is a little difficult because sometime in the end it all comes down to preference, some people prefer lots of bass, and some don’t. I will do my best to explain the sound to give you a decent idea of how it sounds.


Altec Lansing FX6021The satellites each consist of 6 1” mini-drivers. Altec Lansing uses their fancy InConcert technology to send certain frequencies to each driver, which is supposed to create a better quality sounds. The satellites are very tall and come in a silver design. They would match very well in a Mac setup or next to an Apple Cinema Display. There is a small amount of a tilt adjustment that you can change depending on the level of your head. The unit is very wobbly while adjusting.

I was surprised by the quality of sound the satellites 1” drivers could put out. The sound quality was crisp and clear. I did notice the satellites to be a little weak in mids, which could partially be caused by how small the drivers are. The highs in particular sound great.


The sub unit is actually kind of tall compared to other subs, although, it doesn’t way a lot. The actual sub is only 6”, which for a sub is considered kind of tiny. I had mixed feelings about the sound quality of the sub, it seemed to be lacking, and would get distorted at high levels. With the bass all the way up it is enough rumble a little, but not shake the room. I wish I could say I was as happy with the sub as I was with the satellites, but the bass simply doesn’t have the same clarity and preciseness.

On the back of the unit you will notice a few input connections. There is a standard 1/8” that allows you to use the included cable and connect it your PC. Additionally there are RCA inputs that allow you connect the speakers to your TV or gaming console.


The FX6021 consist of just 75 watts RMS power, while that may not sound like, it does sound like a lot when you’re listening to them. I was able to get the volume pretty high without noticing very high levels of distortion. Don’t be swayed a way by this small spec.

They get plenty loud for a medium-large sized room and might even need to be turned down in a small room.

Control Pod + Remote

Unlike some speakers the controls aren’t located on the satellite. Instead, Altec Lansing included a Control Pod. The Control Pod allows you to easily adjust volume, bass and treble. I think the treble looks a little cheesy and is too big. The pod features bright blue indicator lights, volume knob and a power knob.

On the front there is an IR receiver for the included remote. The remote has the same functionality as the control pod, allowing you to adjust volume, bass and treble from across the room, very useful if you have your speakers system connected to your TV.

There control pod also contains a headphone output that bypasses the speakers and only plays through the headphones and a AUX port that allows you to quickly connect another 1/8” wired device such as an MP3 player.


Overall, the Altec Lansing sound great as long as you’re not a bass hog and don’t want to shake your house. The remote is an added bonus. The price tag may scare some away.

Overall Rating:8.5 out of 10 Marks


– Great treble

– Loud for 75w

-Overall good sound


– Lacking in bass

– Ugly control pod

– High price sticker


– Speaker Configuration: Two Speakers and Sub-Woofer (2.1)

– RMS Power: 75 W

– Signal To Noise Ratio: 75 dB

– Overall Min Frequency Response: 180 Hz

– Overall Max Frequency Response: 15 kHz

– Driver Size (Sub-Woofer): 6.5″

– Input: Line In (1/8″ Mini) RCA AUX

– Remote Control: Yes

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